Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mat leave week eight: 38 weeks pregnant

The time draws near! I can't believe my due date is next friday. And it seems I have slipped into terrible late blogging habits as I actually turn 39 weeks in two days but oh well! The hotter the weather gets I'm going out less and less just because its so unbearable so I don't have all that much to report on these days. Although every little symptom or twinge is suddenly very interesting to EVERYONE around me, I'm constantly being asked if I have any signs yet. Rob was convinced baby would of been here last friday, and is now saying baby will be here by the end of this week but theres no way of knowing! Theres no sense of impending doom or anything like that yet anyway...

I had a couple of funny moments in the past week where I thought maybe something would happen but nothing did. Whenever I do start feeling sick or twingy the one thing that makes me feel better is leaning forwards or getting on all fours, so thats probably an indication of what I'll be doing in labour. Despite all the rubbishy bits,  I think I have been lucky with a smooth pregnancy and have actually really enjoyed being pregnant (except first trimester. Yuck.) And when people ask if I'm fed up of being pregnant yet or don't I just want it out by now I can happily say no I'm quite happy as things are thanks! The only thing that bugs me is knowing that baby could come at any time and not knowing when that time will be. It's exciting but the suspense is killing me!

So baby is the size of a leek this week. I really can't tell,  people keep telling me how large I am but I actually feel like I have stopped growing now. The fact that my belly has dropped actually makes it feel smaller than before, and I have earned my first proper belly stretchmarks now!

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