Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mat leave week four: 34 weeks pregnant

Thirty four weeks! This means that in definitely 8 weeks or less baby will be here! It's so exciting and I think I'm getting a bit impatient now. Now I have pretty much finished lining my drawers with paper I have started to sort through all of the baby clothes and wash them ready to be put away, the fact that I managed to wash clothes that aren't black and not ruin them is quite an achievement for me.

I also packed my baby changing bag, which I got as a gift from my mum, it's huge and sturdy with lots of pockets and compartments. When I started packing the newborn nappies into it I couldn't resist opening one up for a look. It was soo tiny! And I liked how thin it was (the Naty eco disposable nappies), it didn't feel like it was stuffed with that yucky stuff that goes into most nappies. I mentioned previously how I intend to use cloth nappies eventually, but they aren't recommended until baby is about 8 weeks or older. Until then I'm just going to use whatever,  as a new parent I'm going to have enough on my hands without thinking about that too!

So here is my changing bag :) the front bit that looks like an envelope is the fold out changing mat, attached by two metal clips.

And here is a little peek of what's inside. It comes with the pink fleece blanket you see here, as well as a pink polka dot bottle holder thing too. It doesn't feel like I have an awful lot packed into it yet, but by the time it's in use I suppose it's going to be full of things like bottles and dummies and spare clothes etc.

I also packed my hospital bag this week! Yay! I feel at ease knowing that if I were to suddenly go into labour I am as prepared as I can be. As much as I do love being pregnant,  I am beginning to get excited for me not being pregnant anymore. I would quite like to go back on omeprazole for my heartburn (which also means I can DRINK! Without pain or regrets afterwards!) And cannot wait to bleach my hair again after all this waiting and growing out business. I'm wondering if my skin is going to change much after the birth too, as pregnancy has brought on eczema and really exacerbated my dry skin. I have to exfoliate my face twice a day sometimes, it's hard work!

Plus, I can eat whatever I want too!! Mmmm blue steak....

Baby is the size (weight) of a cantaloupe melon this week, and I can really tell! I was told that baby's movements can slow down at this stage, but not this one! Since I first started feeling baby move at about sixteen or seventeen weeks baby has always been very active, never more than two hours without movement.  We now get hiccups every day too, sometimes twice a day! I heard a rumour (there are so many strange things people say about pregnancy that aren't true) that lots of hiccups means baby will suffer from reflux and/or colic after birth. I doubt it's true, I really hope it isn't anyway!

Here are the two 'homecoming outfits' I have packed for baby to come home in, one in case the weather is really really hot.

Baby grow with matching bib and hat

Little romper incase the weather is hot

I am also packing a baby grow in a slightly bigger size, just in case baby is on the large side! Speaking of large, I will leave you with my 34 week belly photo ;)


  1. I've managed to read through all your posts in one sitting; congratulations on coping admirably with pregnancy! Not sure if the baby thing is for me, but you're definitely filling me with hope that one can do it without sacrificing themselves in the process.

    I find it surprising that your eczema has got worse with pregnancy, as most immune-mediated conditions are naturally suppressed by pregnancy (then again, eczema is mainly inflammatory, I think). The more you know!

  2. Thankyou so much! I hope I can keep it up when the baby comes though ;) oh thats interesting I didn't know that! Thanks :)