Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mat leave week five: 35 weeks pregnant

So this past week I have mostly just been chilling out and catching up on resting rather than socialising. I've also used the quiet time to get back into crafting more, and have made a few hair accessories.  I had to sew a couple of bows by hand because somehow I have lost the power cable and foot pedal for my sewing machine.

Little pink bows with crocodile hair grips
Alice band with lilac foam roses

I'm getting heart burn horrendously at the moment, and it's making me grumpy sometimes, but other than that I'm feeling pretty good. Maybe gradually more tired than a few weeks ago but not noticeably so. I do keep having very vivid dreams though. I have always had quite strange dreams that usually I do remember more often than not, but lately I keep dreaming about baby. In the past week I've had one dream that baby is a girl and one dream that baby is a boy. So who knows!

Our dog Inca has also been behaving differently lately. She is becoming increasingly more attached to me, especially when we are home alone. She is needy and whiny and just wants to be near me all the time, and when I'm sat on the sofa or on the living room floor crafting she has to sit between me and the windows and doors,  like she is guarding me haha!

Inca guarding her mummy!

We had some friends over for a barbeque on Sunday,  something which we haven't really been able to do much at all since we moved in with Rob's parents, and I can't wait to have our own place to do things like that much more. A couple of friends also brought their new baby with them, and it was the first time Inca has gotten to meet a baby, which was interesting.  She kept wanting to sniff and lick him all the time, especially when I was holding him! She seemed to want to stay quite close until the food was brought out, and she was then more interested in begging for scraps, which is pretty typical of her!

I have a midwife appointment later on this week, and at the last appointment baby was head down and 4/5 engaged. Until I came home and told Rob's mum this I didn't know that it can be an indicator as to how ready baby is for birth, although obviously this can change as baby moves around anyway. She panicked a bit because she was due to go on holiday this week and doesn't come back until Thursday,  she was worried I would go into labour early! I know that baby has been in the same position for quite a few weeks now; head down, bum at my belly button height, and feet up in my left ribs. Quite often I feel tiny hands moving around in my lower abdomen,  which is really cool but also weird and sometimes really tickly. And when baby stretches out I quite often get a stitch on the left side of my ribs.

Hopefully this week we will be moving the bedroom around and putting up baby's crib, I can't wait!

Until then ;) heres my 35 week belly photo.

And this funny snapchat that Rob took the other day. Ignore my icky scarred belly button!

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