Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mat leave week seven: 37 weeks pregnant

It's another late post this week... oops! It's just so ridiculously hot right now that I can't be bothered to do anything at all, I spent half of yesterday napping!  I heard on the telly this morning that this heatwave is set to last until mid August. On the one hand, THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT! But on the other, we have to wait at least another four weeks or so for it to happen. Blah. But hopefully by the time baby is here things will have improved.

I'm feeling larger than ever at the moment, moving about quickly is just impossible now and I feel so slow and awkward! But only 3 weeks to go! (Five tops). I'm not exactly feeling miserable and fed up of being pregnant,  maybe just a bit bored of it now. I just want baby to be here! Since Rob only recently admitted he didn't really like the main girl's name that we picked out for baby, I have been frantically pulling all sorts of baby name lists off of the internet and bombarding him with them for him to say yes or no. Only, he just keeps saying no. He doesn't like ANY. It's really really frustrating,  and I'm worried if we have a baby girl she will end up with no name at all! He even had a funny five minutes of the number one boys name we had picked, but luckily I managed to talk him out of that one, he picked it in the first place! So some serious last minute brain storming is in order. I want something really different and unusual,  maybe a little gothic sounding, it doesn't have to be but that will make me more inclined to like it ;) and it's funny because I tend to lean towards monosyllabic names most, or names with no more than two syllables.  And the girls name I had previously set my heart on was actually three syllables.  So there, I like simple, yet unusual.

Just lately it also seems that everyone is watching me with their beady eyes. I can't sigh or huff or puff or even put my hand on my belly without somebody saying, 'Are you ok??' As if I am going into labour or something.  It's funny. But annoying. Although I have been getting alot of braxton hicks, especially when I exert myself too much ( which doesn't take alot. Could be something as stupid as getting up off of the sofa). And little twinges of cramps in my back. But still, nothing dramatic yet.

I know this is going to sound really really weird,  but I miss wearing socks at the moment.  The weather is so hot all I wear is flip flops or nothing on my feet, but sometimes I really miss socks. And even if it was cool enough to wear them, I would have to wear Rob's socks, because mine are too tight now! Well, they feel pretty uncomfortable if I put them on, but maybe thats just because it's been so long since I have actually worn any that I can't remember what it's supposed to feel like.

Aside from a lazy weekend with Rob and dinner out on Friday night, I haven't actually done anything interesting this week. And yet I have still managed to ramble on about socks and the weather for this long! But to the point, it was our second anniversary on Saturday,  so we just spent lots of quality time to celebrate.  The past two years have gone really fast, especially the last nine months! It's amazing to think about where we are now and how much things have changed since then!

Baby is apparently the size of a swiss chard this week,  what do you think??


  1. Bleugh, naming one's kids sounds like the most nightmarish task; it's the kind of thing that seems fun, but in reality there's probably lots of second guessing, difficulty agreeing, feeling overwhelmed - not to mention other people voicing their opinions where they're not wanted! As someone who lives in woolly jumpers, I too am feeling irritated by not getting to wear what I please due to summer.

  2. Yeah, with friends or on your own it can be quite fun, I remember at school always discussing with friends what our future children would be called and swapping cute names. But when in reality you have to deal with criticisms and disagreements it can be a pain in the ass! Same here though, I miss my jumpers too :(