Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mat leave week six: 36 weeks pregnant

This week I am getting quite impatient. Obviously B-day is getting closer and closer, and random people I don't know keep asking my due date when I tell them they act startled and step back as if my waters are about to break over their shoes. Haha! I really would just like to meet baby now and to see what that little person who's been kicking me from the inside out the past few months really looks like. We finally have the crib set up in our bedroom, and although it hasn't got any bedding in it yet and the mattress is still wrapped in plastic,  I stuck a little giraffe teddy in there to look cute. My dad bought it for the baby and I really love it! I have a weird attachment thing about teddies and stuffed toys.... I cuddle them and talk to them like they're people. I get really sad when I see them discarded or abused.... I just want to rescue them all! And don't worry, this isn't another weird pregnancy thing, I have always been this strange.

See my little giraffe in the crib! I love him. Me and Rob had an argument because he says that giraffey looks nothing like a giraffe,  because he has no neck. So now we have started calling him No-Neck.

I also just finished de-tagging and unwrapping the rest of the baby clothes and blankets and general paraphernalia.  I really wanted to put a wash on and do the hoovering but its half past nine at night... just lately I always end up my most productive at night time. In the evenings I go into hyper nesting mode!

Physically I'm feeling pretty tired, and moving about is awkward because I feel like I have a bowling ball strapped to my belly. Despite this I actually really love my big round belly and will be sad to see it go (or not.... haha) when baby is born. But having only gained 8 kilos so far in the pregnancy I'm feeling quite positive about this. This week baby is the size of a romaine lettuce. In length I hope. But I forgot to include in last weeks post that baby was roughly the weight of a honeydew melon, so sorry about that guys!

I seem to have developed a new thing for lemons and citrus fruits and flavours. I have been into sour things (infamously pineapple) for a while but now it is definitely lemon. Today I went shopping with my gran and my cousin,  and when we went to the Yankee Candle shop we were smelling everything,  and I had to keep smelling the lemon and citrus ones over and over until I had to leave the shop because I just wanted to eat everything.  So then we went to get lunch and I had raspberry lemonade (because it was super sharp) and a lemon cupcake. Then after our dinner this evening Rob's mum bought a lemon meringue (spelling?!) pie for dessert. I don't even like it that much usually,  but this pie was the most amazing thing ever. Funny thing was, nobody else could eat theirs because the curd was way too sour! It took some serious self control not to finish the thing off it was so nice!!

So this week I'm all about teddies and lemons it seems... yum! I think I might make some lemon curd now...

Until next week! My 36 week belly photo.


  1. Sweet baby jesus, that belly! Glad to hear that you're excited for it; I've heard from a few mothers that in the final trimester you're overhyped but exhausted. I'm nuts for sour things too, though I can't use pregnancy as an excuse. ;)

  2. I know! I never thought I would have this much restricted movement, I feel like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she turns into a giant blueberry! Believe me, I'm getting there, the suspense is killing me! Lol. Pregnancy has definitely amplified my love for sour things :D