Friday, 8 August 2014

Happy due date!

Naughty, NAUGHTY lexi. So lazy with blogging this week! But it has been a crazy week.... where to begin!

Today is my due date, and everyone is fully expecting baby to be here by Monday.  I had a little false alarm on Tuesday when I was out shopping, I was having pains all day and then I thought my waters broke. The friend I was shopping with got all panicky and excited and kept telling me I had to call my mum but I was hungry and just wanted to eat my sandwich!  So I eventually got home, called everyone and called the hospital,  who advised me to wait 6 hours and check in. After six hours they asked me to go into the day assesment unit, which is basically A&E for pregnant women. Everything is sooo slow and you have to wait forever for anything. So after a few hours I was eventually told that my waters hadn't broken and to go home.

Everyone seemed pretty disappointed because they really thought it was going to happen. It doesn't bother me, like I said, I have quite enjoyed being pregnant.  Plus, it's like when we couldn't find out the sex of the baby and everyone wanted to know, I'm quite happy to wait and see and just enjoy watching everyone elses impatience ;)

But then I had a midwife appointment on Thursday,  and had my stretch and sweep done. The midwife was very positive and seemed to think things could move forwards soon, as I was already 1-2cm dialated. I had a follow up appointment with a consultant today because I have slightly raised blood pressure,  but he was so lovely and just wants me to go into natural labour soon. He told me to drink raspberry leaf tea (FYI: vile. Lol.) and I have another appointment on monday, if my bp stays high he may want to induce me.

Overall I'm feeling pretty positive about things, although maybe slightly nervous becuase I know baby could be here very very soon. I feel as if I am on the verge of something monumental, which of course I am, but it's just so hard to comprehend!  I'm glad I had my pamper day Wednesday, while I had the chance! I feel bad because my poor mum and gran have been running around like loons for me whilst all this has been going on, because my mum is going to be one of my birthing partners and she lives so far away she doesn't want to miss anything, and has ended up running backwards and forwards between my house and hers amidst all the drama!

Who knows, maybe my next post will be a birth announcement! I'll leave you with my 40 week belly photo :)

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