Saturday, 7 June 2014

First week of maternity leave

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant! Wooo! And as this week comes to a close so does my first week of maternity leave. I wanted to start a sort of maternity leave diary as firstly a countdown until baby arrives, and secondly to keep myself motivated and looking forwards at a time when things are probably going to go rather slowly and be very frustrating for me. So I need things to stay as positive as possible :)

Some interesting pregnancy developments, my feets and hands are now so fat I can't wear rings anymore, and I have to fold the elastic of my socks back down over my heel or else they dig in and make painful indents around my ankles! Baby is now so large (apparently the size of a coconut? I don't know if thats supposed to mean weight as they are meant to be about  41cm long?) I can now feel every little movement going on in there, I can tell hands and feet apart and baby has a tendency to stick his/her bum up and out on the left side of my belly button. I've been having some Braxton Hicks, which aren't painful but just make my belly go especially round like a ball and really hard. Although I have been having some back and belly cramps which may or may not be related,  I'm not sure. My belly button is now starting to look rather ugly; I had my belly button pierced years ago but let it heal over when I had problems with keloid scarring which was really gross and I ended up with a bit of a lump on the inside. Well now my belly has stretched the scar has doubled in size and gone purple, and where the lip of my belly button has started to push out I have a weird fold where the inside scar is. Yuck!

But on the plus side I have accomplished so much this week, it has been very productive indeed and I'm feeling quite proud of that. I finally ordered my pram (I'll include pics when it arrives) as well as bought lots of useful bits and bobs too.

Eco disposable nappies and nappy sacks!
I am really pleased to have come across these in Boots, as I'm actually planning on using cloth nappies, but I know that when a newborn goes through 15 nappies a day it's not going to be as easy as it sounds. So this is my solution for the in between times! Yay! They are made from GM free corn based films, so natural and renewable sources,  and contain no nasty chemicals or fragrances.  They are a Swedish brand, are FSC approved AND recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association (yay for astmatics with eczema like me!) so can't wait to try these out.

And I also scored a total bargain in Asda. Check out this dupe for a John Lewis cot bedding set!

The top one is my set from Asda, which included the quilt and the cot bumper for £28. Plus you can buy all that other matching crap too if it takes your fancy. Although in real life the embroidery isn't quite that bold and dark looking. The bottom one is the John Lewis version,  in which all is sold separately at £35 EACH. So in stead of paying £70 for the set, I got the Asda one for less than £30. Heres to savvy mummy shopping!

Sorry for the long post, just feels like I have so much to say this week! Plus I have so much more time on my hands... but more on that one next week ;)

P.s here is my 31 week belly photo that I almost forgot.

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