Friday, 23 May 2014

The preggo diary. Week 29

So I haven't been all that inspired to write much in the way of all things pregnancy lately,  but now I'm in my third trimester and it's the hot topic on everyone's lips at the moment,  I thought I would share.

As I said in my last post, people are now actually starting to ask me if I am pregnant and wow how many weeks etc etc. It is a nice feeling, but at the same time the bigger you get, the more people want to talk about it. It's as if your business and pregnancy is now public property.  Ironic I know, as here I am blogging about it. I do find it funny though. It's a good job I am pretty easy going about it because some people mind being asked if their pregnancy was planned (something even my family didn't ask me!) or what the sex of the baby is (and their opinion that you HAVE to keep it a surprise/ find out IMMEDIATELY/ insert stupid forceful opinion here).

I work in a pub, so obviously I talk to people alot, and customers get curious, so I take it in my stride. Luckily nobody that isn't my family or friends have felt the need to touch my belly (invited or not) yet. Luckier still nobody has told me "gosh you are big/small/low/all in the back/all in the front" in comparison to dates and other pregnant women they may know. Ok, apart from my gran. She says I am carrying all "hippy" and that I MUST be having a boy because my ass is huge. But thats fine because I know my bum is pretty large at the moment,  and I know she means it affectionately.  God help the first stranger to tell me something like that though.

I think I have escaped the worst of it though, I don't know if I just haven't come across anyone that rude or nosy yet, or maybe my style is just intimidating!  I was once told by someone I went to school with that he was intimidated by me because I was "that scary goth girl that hates everyone" !! So maybe that still stands ;) I think I am quite a happy person in general, so it must just be the fashion sense!

I will leave you with this belly photo, at bang on 29 weeks.

As you can see I am getting very round now. Sometimes I catch sight of my reflection in a shop window or something and double take at the apparent football stuffed under my tshirt. I don't think I was prepared to be getting this big. I just didn't think I would really grow that much (I know this sounds really stupid as I still have 11 weeks to go, OBVIOUSLY I am going to get much bigger than this) I thought "no, that won't happen to me surely" duuuhhh! Stupid Lexi.

Until next week folks!

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