Friday, 21 March 2014

Our naughty baby at our 20 week scan

So we had our 20 week scan today, everything was normal and healthy,  if somewhat difficult!  Just like last time at our 12 week scan, baby just did not want to play ball. He/she is probably sat in there thinking "Fuck you sonographer lady!". I can just imagine it. Living life on it's own terms just like mummy and daddy. 

As you can see, baby is lying upside down and all curled up, right at the bottom of my womb. Explains why all the movement I've felt has been really low down. Sometimes I swear it just bounces on my bladder for fun, and from the looks of this picture I was exactly right!

I am very happy just to know that baby is doing well, although my other half is not so impressed.  He is dying to know the sex; he would love to have a son to do manly outdoorsy things with, although I'm sure if it's a girl she will be a tough little tomboy anyway!

More updates coming soon guys ;)

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