Friday, 4 April 2014

Gothy maternity wear: clothing conundrums!

At 22 weeks I am now more than halfway through my pregnancy.  In my last post I talked about weight gain in pregnancy (and most likely will again at another stage) and how I am coming to terms with my changing body. A massive part of feeling good about yourself and your body is how you dress, so I am just going to talk a little bit about the some things I have done to make pregnancy fashion more about self confidence than just comfort and convinience. Again, I shall most likely revisit this topic when I am even bigger.

One of my biggest fears (and warning this may sound selfish here) is holding onto my identity. I want to still be myself, to dress the way I like to, to style my hair as I do now and to still wear as much makeup as I like when I am a mother. Obviously with a newborn I will be very tired and stretched for time, energy and motivation to keep these things up, never mind the practicalities of it all. But knowing now that I am determined to hold onto myself is a comfort.

So here are some of my 'Skinny Clothes' that I have been putting away with hopes that I shall be reunited with them some day.

My favourite skirt which is Spin Doctor. Layered and puffy with ribbon tied layers for extra volume.
My old faithful party dress.  Well worn and so old I can't remember the label. 

These are the last of my absolute favourites to be put away, although I am slowly adding every day bits and pieces to the boxes all the time as I grow and basic items need replacing with maternity wear.

So far I have managed to get away with not buying much 'maternity clothing' as such,  and have been quite clever about buying key stretchy pieces that will hopefully take me through most of the pregnancy. Maternity leggings are a must though, as are tshirts and vests.  Here are a couple of my favourites so far:

Just a nice stretchy dress from New Look, bought in a size up from my normal size. This collar. <3
Possibly the largest legging and the loudest piece of clothing I have ever bought. It appears I have a legging-obsession going on of late.

I have a few more key pieces I am wearing a lot at the moment,  so I will have to try and put together some outfit posts and maybe a tips and tricks list soon. I will leave you with my 20 week belly photo (finally have the courage to start these!) took wearing a maternity tshirt dress from h&m. Excuse this bombsite of a bedroom.


  1. I see the clothes I helped you choose! ;) love the way you're just taking all this in your stride- think I'll be taking tips from you when I'm pregnant! Love reading your blog babe- Lush x x x

    1. I'm glad I realised this was you lush... Looking at a comment from a guy talkiny about being pregnant. .. weird! !! Lol. Thanks babe :) x x