Tuesday, 28 January 2014

oops... I'm pregnant... now what?!

Well sh*t!! How did that happen?

Yep. I'm one of those girls that cried in confusion when the test kit turned blue. In fact, that technically didn't happen, I did FIVE negative pregnancy tests, went to my doctor,  and a week later she calls me to tell me I am pregnant. 

As a nineteen year old living in a caravan in her boyfriend's parents garden, this isn't exactly something I planned. But alas it has, and although I am chuffed to bits on my impending motherhood, this isn't a good time. 

I want to use this blog as an honest account of being young and pregnant, both sharing my story recording my journey for myself in the future and even my little baby in the future.  And of course, sharing my hopes and fears as a gothically inclined mummy to be. 

Follow my blog, comment, share, let people know we are never alone! X x


  1. Just gotta roll with the punches. Every new mum has fears...hell this will be my second baby and I'm still scared lols! U can never say your ready to be a parent because every time it's different. U just do what you feel is right and have fun watching your sprout grow coz it goes so fast. You'll be begging for those early years back!

  2. Yes looking forward to it so much even though I am shitting myself. Theres never a good time and you can never really be ready... lol x

  3. A nice idea and well written good luck young Niece, been there done that and worn out the tee shirt! ;~)

  4. like soulmates, i can tell you the same, i still living with my family while my boyfriend still unemployed, it will be great to read our own stories when hard times ends... for the time, is good to share it, and see that we are not the only one with this problems in the world...

  5. Thanks :) exactly, keep things in perspective too :) x