Friday, 2 May 2014

Goth maternity wear: key pieces make great outfits

So, by far the easiest way to build up a decent wardrobe of any style or season is by finding key pieces that will take you through a variety of different looks. This is especially true for maternity wear, even more so for those of us with distinct and unusual tastes in fashion.

Personally, because of my job I have to wear plainish black clothes that are stretchy and not fussy, meaning alot of leggings and vests are involved. But I also really like leggings. Like I said before, a legging fetish of sorts. So my first two staple pieces are maternity leggings, always available in black, but look out for cool patterns in maternity sizes too, and long vests. Long vests are great because you don't have to search (often in vain) for decent maternity vests to suit you, and if you find ones long enough to cover your bum more the better as you can pair with leggings.

Black maternity leggings and a long vest, with a pink polka dotted blouse (non maternity, worn open) to jazz it up a bit. Black wedge trainers for the smart casual look.

Lots of people also love maternity jeans, and there are lots of colours and styles available on the internet these days. I myself can't stand wearing jeans and haven't for years, I find it difficult to find styles that are both flattering and comfy (and gothy. Haha) so I can't imagine anything worse than wearing jeans whilst pregnant.

My next staple is oversized band tshirts. I haven't stopped wearing my mens XL Type O Negative shirt since I bought it, obviously you can see how I modified it slightly, as the sleeves were too long and I like a lower neckline than your average tshirt. Best paired with comfy maternity leggings, by far the best way to hold onto your non-mummy self and still look good ;)

You can also buy maternity tights, with the same over the bump style as leggings, but personally I find them very restricting as I have very long legs so they can be ill-fitting. I much prefer fishnet tights or others in a similar knitted or woven holey style. They are suitably gothy and because of all the holes they are incredibly stretchy.  They are the comfiest kind of tights,  pregnant or not, even with the bump I can pull them all the way up to my bra! I tend to pair these with stretchy skirts of various lengths and styles, just make sure they are quite elastic, and large. H&M do some good ones in their basics range that are fairly short with an elastic waist (worn on the hips under the bump hence the largeness).

Its also good to have some comfy flat shoes. I practically live in plain black skate shoes most of the time, they are my go to shoes. But Iron Fist make some wonderful flat dolly shoes in a PVC material,  meaning they stretch and mould to your feet and are soo comfortable.  They also have GORGEOUS designs.  I just ordered a pair online ready for summer and can't wait until they arrive.

The summer is approaching fast, so I will have to make another of these maternity clothing posts suitable for warmer weather. Of course, most of these items I have mentioned can be layered or adapted for any season. More outfit posts coming soon ;)

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